Burger Girl

How did I spend the first 25 years of my life not eating hamburgers?



Approximately 12 minutes later:


Thanks to my future father-in-law, Bill, for taking us to dinner tonight at Butcher and the Burger. Someday I’ll know all the answers to his sports questions, but tonight I said the Vikings instead of the Packers when he asked who won the NFC North Championship.

If only he’d asked who got eliminated from The Bachelor last night. I would have NAILED that one. (Leslie and Amanda, but should have been Tierra)


Sleety Sunday

“God bless you all for coming here. I think this Mass counts for two.”

— Father Christopher Robinson, while looking out at the congregation during 5 p.m. Mass tonight. The roads and sidewalks were coated in a layer of ice and it was sleeting and windy. I seriously considered not going, but what sort of daughter-of-a-deacon would that make me?

Thank goodness for these guys:


Mike got a free pass from Mass because he woke up with the flu and spent most of his day in the bathroom 😦

Piano Man

Mike and I found a new spot for drinks last night, The Red Head Piano Bar in River North.


It’s a small bar in the basement of a building on Ontario Street, with a pianist playing away and lots of people dancing. Mike and I each got a drink and enjoyed the music as much as the people-watching.