Treadmill Brain

imageTonight I ran 10 miles on the treadmill (half-marathon is in three weeks!) They say running indoors requires “mental toughness,” but here’s how my brain handled it:

Mile 1: I’ll start nice and slow, no reason to make this harder than it needs to be. Maybe I’ll just do two miles instead of 10.

Mile 2: Legs feel OK. This isn’t so bad. Get in cruise control mode and find something to watch on TV.

Mile 3: But I never feel like I’m in cruise control and there’s nothing to watch on television. Why is that guy on the treadmill in front of me being such a show-off on level 11? #annoying

Mile 4: Time for water. Grab bottle. Spill all over myself trying to run and drink at the same time. I think I cut my lip on the lid, is it bleeding?

Mile 5: halfway there MK. Blast some Kesha and run like you’re going to die young.

Mile 6: Finally something decent to watch, Access Hollywood examining Justin Bieber’s birthday celebrations.

Mile 7: my feet hurt and I’m bored. At least Mr. Show-Off gave up on trying to qualify for the Olympics on his treadmill.

Mile 8: I wonder how many dumplings are left in the freezer. I think there’s a frozen pizza in there too. Dinner dinner dinner.

Mile 9: I hope Larry isn’t peeing in his crate right now because I’m taking forever to get home.

Mile 10: holy moly I made it to 10. Where’s the applause? And why on earth did I just do this?


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