Showered with Love

Last weekend was just magical. Our first bridal shower was about so much more than new kitchen gadgets and table linens. It seemed everyone there — parents, cousins, friends, aunts, uncles, siblings — truly shared in our excitement.

I tried to seal the whole night to memory. The hugs, the faces, the sounds of a house full of people celebrating.


Don’t get me wrong, we were really excited to receive amazing gifts, like this beautiful serving set from my cousins John and Caroline!


Each couple asked us a question before we opened their gift.

“How did you meet?” (A combination of Twitter, a massive snowstorm and The Linebacker Lounge)

“When did you know he was The One?” (I really butchered this one because I started to cry about three words into my first sentence)

“What names are you planning for your kids?” (Yikes!)


I hope experiences like Saturday night stay in our memory for many years ahead, as we face life side by side.

With all that support, I know we can handle whatever lies ahead of us.



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