Cake Disaster

I had such high hopes for my double-decker funfetti cake. I’d make it just like Mom’s — two perfectly round and risen cakes stacked on top of each other and coated in frosting.

And then this happened.


The other cake looked slightly better, but not by much. They both got stuck in their pans (even though I greased!). I extracted them and tried to piece them back together, but it was hopeless.


#tearsinthekitchen #notbettycrocker

But you know, frosting works wonders. I stacked the sad little cakes on top of each other, and used the frosting like glue.

A little lopsided, but she’ll do.


I made the cake for my roommate Kim’s birthday party, and once I put some candles in it, I don’t think she noticed its flaws.

Plus, she had lots of bigger things going on. Like a HUGE surprise visit from our friend Molly from St. Louis!



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