An April Shower

I am biased, but I think Mike and I have been given the best bridal showers imaginable. Yesterday, my Aunt Kathy and Aunt Susan hosted a beautiful celebration in Granger, Indiana.

It was so perfect, they thought of everything. The decorations, the flowers, the food, the opening blessing, the cake!


My beautiful aunts and I. They planned such a memorable day for me.

My beautiful aunts and I. They planned such a memorable day for me.

It will never feel normal to receive and open so many gifts. But I love to think that when I use my pancake-flipper and cooking spoons, I will think of the Beeler girls. Or my loaf pans and measuring cups, I’ll think of my amazing friend Kim.

My sister gave us HANDMADE pillows! She sewed them herself and they look like they are from Anthropologie. So adorable I can hardly stand it.


My mom gave us a Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I’ve read so many great things about the durability and versatility of this pot, I can’t wait to try it out.


“Mom, is this what I think it is? You didn’t!” (Love Maggie’s face)

Every single gift meant so much. Especially the ones from my future family, the Martins, who drove all the way from Chicago and St. Paul to be there.

I felt so overcome by the people and the presents that I cried when I thanked everyone for coming. It was such an incredible day.


(Thanks to Maggie and Kim for capturing it all in photos!)


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