A Close Call

Our Sunday trip to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play the Pittsburgh Pirates started out so wonderfully.

Mike bought me official Cubs gear (jersey and hat), the rain held off and our seats gave us a picture-perfect view.



I felt like one of the Martins, watching the game and chatting with Mike and Bill.

Around the 5th inning, I left my seat to run to the bathroom. The cubbies were down by 1 and I needed to stretch my legs. I dilly dallied, admiring my new official Cubs gear in the mirror.

Little did I know what was going on back at our seats.

A left-handed hitter for the Pirates hit a foul ball straight into our section. It struck right near my empty chair, and ricocheted straight into Mike’s right eye/side of his nose.

I returned to find everyone in our section looking concerned and staring at Mike.

“What’s going on?” I said. And then I noticed Mike’s swollen right eye and the scrape on his nose.

“I got hit with a foul ball, babe.”

“OH MY GOD!! ARE YOU OK?!” (And then I may have asked if he would be healed in time for our wedding photos.)

Of course he said he was perfectly fine, even as he kept blinking and wiping water from his red eye.


Luckily, the Cubs went on to WIN, 4-1!

And Mike definitely took one for our team. Had I been sitting there… my nose hurts just to think of it.

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