Cookie craving and a great family weekend

Marathon training has made my sweet tooth even sweeter. Today I wanted a cookie, but not just any kind of cookie would do. I decided to put my little Ramekins to use and make a miniature pizookie. (aka a deep dish cookie served right out of the oven, usually with vanilla ice cream — brilliance).

It came out of the oven; then I died and went to heaven.


I used break-and-bake cookies to save time. I set them out on the counter for 30 minutes so they were closer to room temperature, then combined four of them together in an ungreased Ramekin. ( at first I was only going to use three, but you only live once so I added another 🙂 )


I placed the Ramekin on a baking sheet and baked it for about 15 minutes at 375 degrees, until the cookie was golden brown on top. Larry got curious as the minutes passed…


I only made one, so Mike and I had to share, since I’m married now and can’t keep all the sweets for myself, apparently.



We had an amazing weekend with my family visiting from Ohio. We would have fun just hanging out anywhere and talking, but we decided to try something new and go on the Seadog Architecture Tour, which takes you on a boat ride on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. It was SO neat. Did you know the Sears Tower was designed by the same architect as the John Hancock Building?



I love them! Maybe next time they visit, I’ll make mini pizookies for everyone 🙂

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