Easter Eats

I didn’t set the kitchen on fire making Easter dinner tonight — a success indeed.

I invited my sister Maggie and her husband Scott over for pork tenderloin. Only problem was, I had never made pork tenderloin before.

So I found a slow cooker recipe (great for a ‘slow’ cook like me). It’s hard to mess up when all you have to do is plop a piece of meat in a pot for 6 hours.


Photo credit: Mike Martin

I followed this recipe (Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork Loin) and then made some oasted red potatoes and cut up some strawberries. Maggie brought over a delicious green bean casserole.

For dessert, I made chocolate chip cookies. But I WISH I had made this:


It’s called a pizookie. I had not heard of this until today, while reading another blog. It’s a giant cookie, served slightly undercooked and fresh out of the oven, with vanilla ice cream on top.

I promise, if I am blessed to receive a round baking dish for our wedding, I will make one for everyone who comes over.