Officially ‘Late 20s’

To mark my 27th birthday, I started to think about how much I’ve enjoyed this decade of my life. It’s hard to believe it began when I was a sophomore in college. Though I’ve got a lot more living to do, I think I’ve learned some good lessons so far.

Life is worth the leaps. The 20s seem to bring lots of Big Decisions about jobs, moving cities and relationships. I stewed over several Big Decisions for far too long and learned that it’s better to go with your gut, even if it means taking a leap. Taking chances can bring great rewards, or at the very least, a lesson learned.

Friendships need care. This became so clear after college, when my dearest friends in the world suddenly lived thousands of miles away, instead of across the hall. Our lives set out in all different directions, spanning time zones. Friendships don’t require proximity, but they do need care. Call. Text. Send birthday cards.

Time heals wounds. I experienced great heartbreak when I was 22. I truly thought I would carry its weight for the rest of my life. My mom told me time would heal, and now I see how the passage of time can indeed bring peace. The wounds fade, and the remaining scars make you human.

And the most important:

Dogs aren’t scary. I was scared of dogs until I met Larry Martin. Though they beg for your dinner and make you pick up their poop, they always love you and just want to cuddle.